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To All Readers…We welcome your input, your suggestions and reports. We will do our best to help keep us up to date on all things restoule.

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    1. Hi Heather
      Their Poster is as follows:

      67 Hawthorne Drive
      Units available:
      10’ x 24’ @ $176.99 per month
      12’ x 30’ @ $221.24 per month
      Shared container space @ $6.00/foot per month
      Outdoor, covered space @ $4.00/foot per month
      Enclosed, heated space for
      Snowmobiles and personal watercraft, without trailers,
      starting @ $25.00 per month
      Outside storage on request @ $2.00/foot per month
      **Available beginning August 24th, 2019**

    1. Ice is mushy but still in the lakes in Huntsville area on Thurs April 26th…I imagine Restoule still has lots of ice but any local comment would be appreciated..D

    2. as of April 30th there is still lots of ice in Lake Restoule…in some places the ice is starting to retreat from the shore

    3. As of the 3rd, still a fair bit of ice on the lake. just starting to open up around shore/ even with the rain, there is still some snow on top, and a few snowmobile tracks evident. My guess is there is about 3-6 inches of ice, and depending on weather, it wont be out till the end of the weekend

  1. Hello from Aurora Ontario. My dad was a principle in Restoule back in the early 1950s. We lived right across from the old school and right between the two churchs. Is there anyone remember Ernie McWilliams my dad, who passed away at 84 in Ottawa. I remember the name Grawbarger but I was very young only 6 years old.

  2. Serge has a question that perhaps others would have information on..D

    Whom would I contact regarding records of people that have lived in Restoule? I am looking up ancestors and I believe that my grandmother was from Restoule. Any help would be appreciated.
    Serge Cadieux

  3. Opened today ! Aug 2.2017 Restoule’s newest food service truck,Rocketchip Fries chip truck. Located at the two church corner of Hwy 524&534. Open daily closed Tuesdays.

    1. Hi Bob..The Ladies Fire Auxiliary forwarded the following answer:

      “…..The Fire Ladies Auxiliary’s main reason for cancelling the Thanksgiving Supper this year was basically that enough volunteers to prepare and serve the meal could not be found.

      Volunteers could not help because they were involved in other commitments, mainly family. Some who have volunteered in the past felt unable to continue. Many of our regular Fire Ladies Auxiliary members are in the 75-80 age group and running out of steam. Sufficient volunteer helpers could not be found quickly. Cancellation was not taken lightly, the event usually nets in the $4,000 range for the community.

      In the New Year, we will be advertising for volunteers, a necessity if we are to continue Restoule’s community endeavors. What will you volunteer for? Just call Margaret Grawbarger any time at 705-729-2881 to give us your name and let us know your preference…..!”

      The Ladies of the Fire Auxiliary have done a great job on this event and we all thank them for their work….Dave

  4. We are looking to charter a pontoon boat for a half day in either aug 2 or aug 3 for a special family gathering. For about 11 or so people. Please help. Call my cell at 905-978-3336. Thanks Brent. PS great site

    1. Hi Betty…yes we most certainly want to post everything we can about Restoule events. We currently get the Legion newsletter and post those events. We check sites we are aware of and post anything related to Restoule. We would be very pleased to post any and all other events on the calendar, but are dependent on others to provide the information.

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