Welcome to the Restoule Enthusiast!

For the last few years, those of us who either live, cottage or camp in the Restoule area have had a wonderful web site to keep up to date on events and issues as they happened in our small part of the world.  The web site of course was the “Restoule Scribbler” produced by Mr. Dave Turcotte (computerfella).
Unfortunately for us, Dave moved from the area and the “Scribbler” was discontinued.

In order to fill the significant void  with Dave’s departure, we are undertaking the task of developing a new site to address everything “Restoule”.

The intent of this site is to try to create a central location on the net where links, articles, newsletters, reports, pictures, information and whatever we haven’t thought of yet, can be gathered in one location.

It is not our intent to be the authors or reporters of events. We will welcome and rely on reports and calendars and articles forwarded by those individuals and organizations interested in doing so.
We have no interest in making this site political, but thoughtful comments are important to illuminate and inform on local matters.  Commenters will be required to include their names with their submissions.

We welcome links to all Restoule businesses and services. It’s all part of letting folks know what is out there.

We can be contacted privately at with any and all ideas or contributions. As well please use the Posts or Comments section below.
So let’s get going!