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  1. A recent comment we received:

    We were at the dinner in the community centre and was very happy that they were able to have it this year. The first dinner we attended, we sat in the United Church, then went down to their basement for the meal!!!

    Hope that you will keep up the excellent job you did on the Bulletin – very informative –

    All the best for the rest of the year.

    Ciao… anne wiensczyk

    1. Thank you for your kind words Anne.

      The Restoule Volunteer Fire Ladies Auxiliary does a terrific job with the Thanksgiving Turkey Supper! We all applaud their fine efforts.

      Karen Scanlan produced the Restoule Local Services Board Newsletter this year and it is very well done and informative. One can find the Newsletter on this web site in the “Living in Restoule” section.

    1. Hi Louise…In all cases dial 911 for Fire and Medical emergencies…make sure you know your 911 civic address which is the little green sign at the front of every property…D

    2. Further to that per Hal Hamilton our Fire chief…First dial 911 on cell phone or land line and if any delays or confusion on the receiving end, then dial 705-474-7400 which is the North Bay Dispatch for emergencies.

  2. I( am glad that there is now again a web site for our area. Now I will be informed on what is happening here.While I am on here I have lost a dock ramp on Commanda lake belonging at 142 Everett dr.It has a black float at one end.If found could please e- maile me at Thanks

  3. The high water has lifted logs, trees, and driftwood from the shore. Be careful boating. We pulled two trees and a log to shore that were out far enough to hit with a boat. They would be hard to see at night.

  4. Reprieved!  Mara spotted the Dragon hunter dragonflies all over our ferns along the lake.  This is the largest dragonfly in North America.  They just hatched and are drying off so tomorrow they will be sweeping and cleaning the air of mosquitoes, deerflies, and blackflies.

    It takes four years for these huge dragonflies to hatch.  Mara keeps records of such things and the last time we had a hatch was exactly four years ago.  I can not believe how many there are.  Everywhere you see a fern they are hanging on each leaf.  I guess that is why you leave cover along the shoreline.

    With all the rain we have had they are arriving just in time.

    They are a sign of an unpolluted lake.  Lets keep it that way.

    Dave and Mara Cox
    summer residents

    1. Hi David…We aren’t in Restoule right now however the ice is gone from all the lakes in the Huntsville area…perhaps another reader could confirm Restoule Lake for us. If not we plan to take a drive up there in the next few days and have a look

      1. as of Monday April 25th, the ice is NOT out of the lake…the portion of the lake seen from Porters Landing was all ice with high water…the portion by the Government dock seemed to be open…the ice was pretty thin…pictures to be posted on “What’s New”

  5. Love the pictures of the Santa Claus Parade – especially the Golden Retriever jumping thru the hula-hoop … what a great dog!

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