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We are saddened by the passing of Bob Nichols this past Saturday. He was a friend to all both in the Village and on the Lake. He will be missed.

March 17, 2020…Restoule Legion

Important Message from the Legion: (superseded by total closing)

Sadly, Stefan Board of Board’s Honey Farm has passed away. His obituary and details of his Memorial Services are contained in the following link.

A Commanda Lake Dock has arrived at 113 Gyles Pt Road
It would be appreciated if dock owner would make arrangements to move it as property owners are concerned about their water line…

Important Message regarding Porters Landing:
The Local Services Board plans to commence work on expanding the parking area at Porters Landing. This work is planned to commence after Labour Day on Tuesday September 3rd 2019. All trailers stored on the east side of parking lot must be moved. If you own one of these trailers please remove it. This message was first posted by Mr Al Martin and it was confirmed by Mr Burkhard Porter of the LSB

Report and Financial Projections from Special Community Meeting held July 27th 2019. Click on the links:

  Restoule Local Services Board (RLSB) Special Community Meeting – July 27, 2019 –       Regarding Allocation of Funds from the Oil Leak Legal Settlement 

Financial Projections:
   List of Projects for LSB Legal Settlement Funds

Restoule’s 13th Annual Charity Pie Auction!!…Sunday July 21st…click on the poster… Pie Auction Poster!

Yoga in Restoule – June 5, 12, 29, 26
The moment some of you have been waiting for! Yoga in Restoule. Please see Yoga with Alison  for details. You don’t NEED to be flexible to do yoga, yoga increases your flexibility. Hope to see you on the mat! 🧘‍♀️

The Docks are in at Porters Landing!
As at Tuesday May 14th.  Thank you to Al Marting for sending us the photo!

Fire Chief – Hal Hamilton’s Correct Cell Number – If you were mailed a paper copy of the Local Services Board Newsletter, please note that our Fire Chief’s cell phone number is
705-840-6239 and NOT 705-480-6239.  Please correct Hal’s cell phone number on two pages:  6 and 19 of the newsletter.  The web version of the newsletter (below)  and the
2019 Local Services Newsletter Contacts Listing found under ‘Living in Restoule’  has been updated with the correct cell #.

2019 Local Services Board Newsletter ….For those who didn’t receive this excellent community summary and report by mail, you can find it by clicking on this link.  This newsletter provides a complete list of activities and contact information from all community groups.

Monday May 6th…Water Receding Slowly… It looks like the worst is over with but be aware that the Lake is still very, very high. There are a few boats in the water but the boat ramps are still close to unusable. Below are pictures of Porters Landing and the Government Dock as of this afternoon.
Porters Landing Monday May 6, 2019
Government Dock, Lake Restoule Monday May 6th 2019

Tuesday April 30th…Report from Lake Restoule …Thank you to Grant and Tanya Buchanan who managed to get their boat onto Lake Restoule in order to check their property.
They report that the waterfront at Porters Landing is still under water and virtually not useable. There is still lots of ice on the lake, largely in the western section of the lake.
They certainly noticed that the very high water levels had flooded some structures that were close to the lake.

Friday April 26th 2019… High Water Warning!…Thank you to Ashlee Moore, of Restoule, who posted the following:
A little heads up to cottagers, the lake is very high and we are expecting more rain today, if you have a lake front cottage please be aware. Docks, gazebos and even cottages are at risk. You may want to check on them or have someone check your property!
This applies to Commanda and Restoule lake

Lots of Ice still in Lake as of Sunday April 14th
Although the Spring thaw is well underway, both Lake Restoule and Commanda Lake are still mostly covered in ice. There is open water at the eastern end of the lake close to the river mouth. We visited Porter’s Landing on Lake Restoule and present the following photographic evidence:

Looking North West from Porters Landing. Ice is fairly thick out from shore
Looking North East from Porters landing. The water is high, maybe 6 inches of water & ice covering the new concrete landing where the dock is attached in summer
Looking from the water’s edge back into the parking lot. Kind of desolate at this time of year
Porters Landing Docks are locked in ice and aren’t moving anywhere for awhile

RESTOULE LIONS RECYCLE USED GLASSES AND HEARING AIDS…As Spring cleaning gets under way the Restoule Lions are asking people to donate their used glasses and hearing aids.
During the month of May, and throughout the year, please drop off glasses and wrapped hearing aids in the Collection Box at the Restoule Postal Office.
Sight and hearing impairment are serious disabilities that can result in learning difficulties for children and decreased employment opportunities for adults.
Perhaps you, a family member or friend may be able to help us out with this recycling program.

Bass Fishing Tournament…Saturday July 20th, Commanda Lake! …sponsored by
Cozy  Commanda Lake Cottages … The Restoule/Commanda region has long been home to many of the most skilled fisher men/women in the country!…Now is our chance to crown a Champion!…click on the following links for Poster, Overview and Rules...
Bass Tournament Poster
Bass Tournament Rules
Bass Tournament…Important Info
(in addition to contact info above, an alternate contact is

2018 Santa Claus Parade …The Christmas Season has begun!…click on the link to see our afternoon of fun…Thanks to all the participants and Restoule Lions Club and Legion

Lake Restoule Freeze up is underway…but as of December 9th the ice is not thick enough to use:
Looking West from Porter’s Landing

Looking East from Porter’s Landing

Fraud Alerts from Ontario Hydro and North Bay Hydro…stay safe Folks!
Hydro One Fraud Alert
North Bay Hydro Scam Alert

Update to Footcare Program…Marilyn Young and Sarah Gibbons Harnock are continuing the footcare program themselves…on schedule again for the first Thursday of every month

Book Club…Corinne Martin-Willis is interested in starting this club for those in our area…She is planning the first get together for October 24th. Please message her on Facebook for details

Amateur Photography Club…Patty Joyce-McKenna is interested in starting this club…message her on Facebook for information

Information from the Annual Meetings…
Local Services Borard (LSB)  – Comments from Glen Scanlan

Local Roads Board (LRB) – Comments from Rod Dugas

Powassen and Area Family Health Team …thank you to Ashlee Moore for posting this on Restoule Events…if you live in Restoule and area and are looking for a Family Doctor…please check out this site.

FIRE BAN LIFTED AT 10 AM AUGUST 24th 2018 as stated to us by Hal Hamilton, Restoule Fire Chief. He also said that fires are restricted to small camp fires in the evening hours that are attended. No fireworks are allowed and general open air burning regulations remain in effect. The conditions are very dry so please be extremely cautious.
The Ministry of Natural Resources lifted their ban at 12:01 am  August 24th per Tanya Kienapple, Fire Information Officer for the Northeastern Region of the MNR.
As a word of caution to all of us, and explained to me by our Fire Chief and the MNR, both the MNR and Restoule Fire Department have the authority to implement a fire ban. Should the bans be different, then the most restrictive ban is the rule for that particular area. Accordingly, it was Chief Hamilton’s final decision to lift the ban this morning.
Check the Restoule Provincial Park Site for the status of their fire ban.

Regarding the current FIRE BAN…August 1, 2018…We encourage folks to keep checking the Province of Ontario Forest fire Web Site for up to date forest fire information. Restoule is very much in the current restricted fire zone. So that we understand exactly what that means, we are attaching the link from the Province of Ontario defining what is included in these fire restrictions…  outdoor-fire-restrictions … I hope you will take the time to read the details … however if you don’t… then think of it this way… don’t even think about starting a fire until this ban is over!

FIRE BAN IN EFFECT IMMEDIATELY FOR RESTOULE AND AREA!…Wednesday July 11th 2018….No daytime burning at all…No burning of brush…campfires are still permitted from 7 pm to 7 am…per Hal Hamilton Restoule Fire Chief

Province of Ontario Forest Fire Web Site…In view of the fast changing forest fire situation currently in Ontario please click on this link and click on the map to enlarge it…It has an up to date mapping of where current forest fires are burning and details of each fire…

Fiddlers’ On The Lake…Saturday August 11th…catch up to the fiddlers as they tour Lake Restoule…a truly unique local event!

What a difference a year can make!…  Life on Lake Restoule…The first picture on the left was taken on July 3, 2017. The second picture on the right was taken on July 3, 2018. This writer completely disavows his comments of last year that may have appeared to be critical of water levels. Bring on the Rain!

Mill Bay Market now Open!!!… It’s all about quality meats, produce, home baked bread, even restaurant supply…housed in the old marina at 7113 Hwy 534 on the way to the Park.
There will be seasonal BBQ’s on the weekends!…Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm and on Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. Closed on Mondays (I guess we’ll give them a day off). Good luck to Matt and Lori Duhaime…a great looking store and a great complement to Gerry’s General Store…we need them both!…phone…store – 705-358-1796 or cell – 905-359-4143 and 289-686-3525

Attention Birders! … Lots of folks have an interest in our bird populations in Restoule…Intrepid Birders Gary and Connie Sturge let us know how 2 recent bird surveys in the Restoule area turned out…Resoule Owl Survey 2018 ;  UNDER THE NIGHTJAR MOON

Time-to-Give-a-Hoot  That’s right folks…there’s lots of owl action in these parts…read on to find out the latest and maybe be part of the annual owl survey…and read about some local folks and how their survey worked out…Owl survey – Route 273

A Winter visit to Lake Restoule… For those of us who are not full time residents of Restoule, it sure is nice to drop by the lake and enjoy our favourite spot even if it is just for a night or a few hours. Saturday February 17th was our day. Although very overcast it was otherwise perfect weather.
There was so much activity! The King & Queen Snow Run was happening, lots of ice fishing activity and even the odd straggler like us wandering around soaking in the atmosphere.
We have attached some pictures from our trek. Winter in Restoule

The Waterfall from Crooked Lake to Restoule Lake on a beautiful September afternoon

Clarification of Emergency Calls…per discussion with Hal Hamilton Fire chief…In the event of any fire or medical emergency dial 911 by cell phone or land line…however should there be any delay or confusion in responding to your call, phone 705-474-7400 which is the local dispatcher in North Bay. In all cases know your 911 civic address.

Fiddlers on the Lake…The Mighty Armada Sails Againa great event full of music and fun…congratulations to all involved

Dragon Flies to the Rescue!…Summer residents Dave and Mara Cox clearly have excellent vision and a sharp eye for nature…
Mara spotted the Dragon Hunter Dragonflies all over our ferns along the lake.  This is the largest dragonfly in North America.  They just hatched and are drying off so tomorrow they will be sweeping and cleaning the air of mosquitoes, deerflies, and blackflies.
It takes four years for these huge dragonflies to hatch.  Mara keeps records of such things and the last time we had a hatch was exactly four years ago.  I can not believe how many there are.  Everywhere you see a fern they are hanging on each leaf.  I guess that is why you leave cover along the shoreline.
With all the rain we have had they are arriving just in time.
They are a sign of an unpolluted lake.  Lets keep it that way.”
Dave and Mara Cox…summer residents

Maws Island A Retreat Into the Past

March 22, 2017…Visit to Porters Landing…lots of “womps” and “cracking sounds” from the ice…but the lake isn’t ready for spring yet (yikes!…we’re not going out more than a few feet on the ice)

Santa Claus Parade & Concert set New World Record! (at least in the opinion of Dave & Halina Dales)

December 11th 2016…No ice yet on Lake Restoule

Vigilant reader Fred Donahue spotted this article about freshwater jelly fish near Manitoulan Island

Wow!…What a pie auction!…by Dave & Halina Dales

North America’s Largest Moth flutters into Porters Landing…May 30, 2016

It’s starting to look a lot like Summer…May 17, 2016…Porter’s landing…Even the Black Flies report they are ready to go!

April 25/16 Ice NOT out of Lake Restoule

How Brownell Island Got Its Groove by David Dales

Provincial Land Taxes…going up…but since it’s all in the name of fairness I think you’re supposed to feel ok about it

Of Diamond Dust and Sun Dogs    …Gary Sturge is a Powassan resident, a Restoule Lake boater and Naturalist. His article was originally published in The Woodland Observer, March 2016,  Nipissing Naturalists Club

Restoule Santa Claus Parade, December 2015

Feb 18/16 Restoule Lake