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Lots of Interest in Quilting!…Next Meeting November 22nd…Restoule Quilters

St Alban’s ACW presents a Christmas Bazaar, Tea & LuncheonSaturday November 25th, 12 Noon to 2 pm…click on the link for Details…St Albans Bazaar, Tea & Luncheon

Annual LSB Public Budget Meeting…Budget Meeting December 2, 2017 …11am at RCC

The Waterfall from Crooked Lake to Restoule Lake on a beautiful September afternoon



Clarification of Emergency Calls…per discussion with Hal Hamilton Fire chief…In the event of any fire or medical emergency dial 911 by cell phone or land line…however should there be any delay or confusion in responding to your call, phone 705-474-7400 which is the local dispatcher in North Bay. In all cases know your 911 civic address.

Fiddlers on the Lake…The Mighty Armada Sails Againa great event full of music and fun…congratulations to all involved

Saturday August 5th United Church Yard and Bake Sale 8 am to 11 am…Bake Sale starts at 9…(Yummy Stuff!)

Saturday August 19th…Dinner/Dance to support Legion Building Fund…click on the flyer…Building Fundraiser

2017 Local-Services-Bd-NewsletterMany of us have received this excellent annual summary of community activities and events in the mail. We are putting it on-line for those who missed it or weren’t on the mailing list. With thanks to Karen Scanlan for its preparation.

Sunday July 23rd…2 pm Sharp!…World Famous Restoule Charity Pie Auction
Click here for the Flyer
…Support our Restoule Fire Department…They help keep us safe!

July 3rd…Had enough rain yet?…the perils of having a non floating dock

at least the minnows are now swimming above the dock

Dragon Flies to the Rescue!…
Summer residents Dave and Mara Cox clearly have excellent vision and a sharp eye for nature…
Mara spotted the Dragon Hunter Dragonflies all over our ferns along the lake.  This is the largest dragonfly in North America.  They just hatched and are drying off so tomorrow they will be sweeping and cleaning the air of mosquitoes, deerflies, and blackflies.
It takes four years for these huge dragonflies to hatch.  Mara keeps records of such things and the last time we had a hatch was exactly four years ago.  I can not believe how many there are.  Everywhere you see a fern they are hanging on each leaf.  I guess that is why you leave cover along the shoreline.
With all the rain we have had they are arriving just in time.
They are a sign of an unpolluted lake.  Lets keep it that way.”
Dave and Mara Cox…summer residents

July 1st…Don’t Miss This!…Our Restoule Canada 150 Celebration

Maws Island A Retreat Into the Past

The Legion needs our help…Family Challenge Grant

May 9th…The Missing Dock…it’s floating down Lake Restoule right now…Thank you Arnie!

May 7th…Washout on Porters Landing Road…have we all had enough rain yet?…Thank you to Arnie Naiman for keeping us up to date. (Our Restoule Road Experts did a great job repairing this the next day)

May 5th…LSB Minutes April 19, 2017 Wednesday 7 pm (1)Minutes of Meeting held to consider funding request from Restoule Legion for expansion/renovation project


Friday April 14th…Bill Droogers  lets us know that the ice is almost off Lake Restoule!!!…others report that the ice was out of Commanda Lake as of April 15th

March 22, 2017…Visit to Porters Landing…lots of “womps” and “cracking sounds” from the ice…but the lake isn’t ready for spring yet (yikes!…we’re not going out more than a few feet on the ice)


Santa Claus Parade & Concert set New World Record! (at least in the opinion of Dave & Halina Dales)

December 11th 2016…No ice yet on Lake Restoule

Vigilant reader Fred Donahue spotted this article about freshwater jelly fish near Manitoulan Island

Wow!…What a pie auction!…by Dave & Halina Dales

North America’s Largest Moth flutters into Porters Landing…May 30, 2016

It’s starting to look a lot like Summer…May 17, 2016…Porter’s landing…Even the Black Flies report they are ready to go!

April 25/16 Ice NOT out of Lake Restoule

How Brownell Island Got Its Groove by David Dales

Provincial Land Taxes…going up…but since it’s all in the name of fairness I think you’re supposed to feel ok about it

Frances Lankin a resident of Restoule is appointed to the Senate of Canada

Of Diamond Dust and Sun Dogs    …Gary Sturge is a Powassan resident, a Restoule Lake boater and Naturalist. His article was originally published in The Woodland Observer, March 2016,  Nipissing Naturalists Club

Restoule Santa Claus Parade, December 2015

Feb 18/16 Restoule Lake